Ants in your pants

One day a friend and I were talking about a recent TM meeting. Some people arrived late some people fidgeted and for me, who has trouble meditating at the best of times due to thoughts, I found this quite distracting.

I told my friend about this and she came right out and said it. No holding back. She said it like it was incredible that I was even capable of this. She said she was amazed that I could sit still for 20 minutes.

This was funny to me because this was the ‘easiest’ part of the daily TM process. I can sit still for 20 minutes very easily. No scratching or itches. No moving. It is ‘easy’.

Initially at these meetings I found this quite annoying. Mainly because of the subtle noises that come from moving which distracted me from the process of meditating. I wouldn’t say I got angry but just annoyed. But with age, or is it the meditation, comes patience. Maybe there is a reason they are fidgeting. Sore back? Hard day at work? Maybe it is their nature to move around?

Another part of the weekly meeting that causes distraction is the people who arrive late. Doors opening and closing. Chairs moving. Footsteps. Again, patience is needed here. I don’t know their stories. Maybe the traffic was bad? Maybe the kids were playing up? Maybe the pizza delivery guy was late. There could be many reasons why.

Really, I should just be thankful that they made the effort to attend the meeting. People are busy and their time is precious. They are away from their families. It is easy to not do something, so getting to the meeting at all can be quite the feat for some people.

Is it meditation that is teaching me patience? I don’t know but with patience comes calmness and these are good qualities which at times I lack. But I do know that after meditation I feel much more tolerant, patient and calm.


My experience

I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for about 3 months. It has been an interesting experience with both ups and downs (which I will talk about in other posts). They say it is ‘easy’. Well if you look back at what is required, it is ‘easy’. You are given a mantra and you are supposed to sit for 20 minutes, twice a day. You sit in a quiet and comfortable location. You don’t lie down. And you repeat the mantra.

I can’t say I have never missed a session even though finding 20 minutes twice a day is pretty easy. But I have been meditating consistently.

When they teach you they tell you about transcending, blissful consciousness and all the health benefits (which have been proven by science). It sounds appealing. Lots of celebrities do it. And the testimonials from both famous and not famous really make you want to fully experience what these people already have.

But what do they experience? Everyone is different. Can you really explain the experience? And thinking about it right now, it probably isn’t good to know what others feel. Then there is some expectation. And with expectation comes a thought filled meditation session wondering why you aren’t getting what they got.

So everyone’s experience is different. Just accept that. For me, it comes down to this: do I feel better after meditating? And the answer is ‘yes’. I can’t say my life has gone though a huge transformation. In reality, I am a fairly easy going type of person. I don’t stress too much about stuff. What is the point? It doesn’t normally help or make a difference. Just take what life throws at you and make the most of it. If you get to see the sun rise and set each day, you must be doing something right. Why worry about stuff you can’t change?

But I have talked to others who have done the course and been meditating for as little as a week. A couple of these people say they have stressful jobs and TM has helped them immensely. I just love hearing their stories. Their families and friends have seen a change, for the better, and you can’t argue with.

So, is it easy? For me, it isn’t. My head is full of thoughts. But they say this isn’t a bad thing, it is stress being released. Maybe I am more stressed than I thought. But I enjoy the 20 minutes. I look forward to it. And I do finish the 20 minutes feeling better. I haven’t experienced bliss consciousness but maybe with practice I will.

If you listen to the many Maharishi Mahesh Yogi recordings you will hear Maharishi talk about the process. I have gotten more out of listening to these recordings than I did from the training. He speaks with wisdom and knowledge and the older question and answer recordings, will provide you with a lot of insight in to the process. And also show you that if you aren’t ‘getting it’ you aren’t alone.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Meditation is a personal choice. There are many types, offering different results. I do transcendental meditation and in my case there is one thing I find which takes away from my experience and enjoyment of the process. And that is the clock watching.

It is suggested that you do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. This is easy. Almost everyone can spare 40 minutes in their day. It is just that when you are in the process of meditating you can be worrying how long you have been meditating and therefore your mind is elsewhere.

I came across an app for ‘i’ devices named TMTimester and it is a ripper. Just set it, start meditating and stop thinking. Give it a try. Obviously it can be used to time anything you like. Even to make the perfect egg. But for meditation, I reckon it is a must.

Check it out here

I can’t vouch for these but here are some similar apps for Android
Android alternative 1
Android alternative 2